Tailoring and Alterations

Why Custom Tailored Clothing?

Create a wonderful wardrobe by having your clothing custom tailored.  Don’t let the department stores dictate your since of style.  By having custom clothing, you select the style, color, and fabric…and get the proper fit!

So often, we feel obligated to purchase clothing that simply does not fit.  It is either too large or too small, too short or too long!  Thus, creating a purchase that gets worn one, maybe twice, and ultimately lost in our closet forever.  Sure, we wear it once out of guilt, after that we feel justified in forgetting we ever purchased it!

There are a number of benefits derived from having your clothing custom tailored.  Clothing is personalized for you particular body type, your personal style, color and fabrication.  It allows YOU to be in control.

If you have a strong desire to control your fashion statement, but feel insecure due to the lack of knowledge regarding proper style for your particular body type, the appropriate color or fabric, I CAN HELP!!!  I meet with all of my clients in the privacy of my studio or their home; where all decisions are made in a comfortable and relaxing environment.  Through my knowledge and expertise, I can assist you in making all of those delicate decisions.  Wardrobe consultation can be extremely beneficial and fun!

One of the many tools that I use to help you find what your personal style is like is Pinterest and pictures that you bring in of the styles that you like.  This is the perfect medium for us to get a great visual idea of what you like, or dislike, in a garment.

I WELCOME THE OPPORTUNITY TO TALK WITH YOU! For your convenience I have available “My Business Policy.”  For further information or to schedule an appointment, you may contact me, Samantha Bivens, at samssignatureseams@gmail.com or by pone, 630-408-3793.

I look forward to working with you!

I look forward to working with you!


We also provide the option for you to design your own clothes, dresses, and costumes! We work with you to make sure that you look your best and stand out in the crowd for any occasion. To get started in designing your own custom clothes or costumes, email us with pictures of what you would like for us to make! It is that simple! Then we will schedule a meeting to talk about fabric and design options.

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