About Me

This website is all about sharing my adventures with sewing, crocheting, and DIY projects. Sewing has been a craft that has been passed down for in my family for generations. I have been sewing ever since I was five and my mom gave me a toy sewing machine to use while she sewed dresses, quilts, and whatever project she was working on. The only thing that I could really sew was little pillows for my dolls. Soon after that I started making doll clothes for my American Girl Dolls. Once I was in High School I really started sewing clothes for myself, and now recently in college, for friends.  If I were to pick my top two favorite things to sew it would be dresses and costumes.

I graduated from Western Illinois University in May 2015 with my B.A. in Music Business, and a Minor in Jazz Studies.  To help pay for books and whatnot whilst in college, I opened my store to mostly the music and management departments. Through pursuing that degree I realized how much tailoring is needed in this world, and shifted my focus to start my own business.

As of February 2016 we are now officially live in New Jersey!  I cannot wait to get my sewing studio up and running as well as officially start my business plan within the coming years!  If you would like to talk to me about a customized commission please feel free to contact me and we can immediately get started on you dream dress!

Happy Crafting!


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