Green Peplum

Hello!  I have always been interested in peplum shirts but I never really thought that they were for me.  So to test it out I used leftovers to make this shirt.  For the fabric I used the yard I had left from my 1940’s Green Slytherin Dress.

And as for the pattern, I used the same McCalls 6754 from my Galaxy Dress. I did have to make some alterations to this pattern though.  First I needed to take in the back another 1/2” because it was too baggy in the back. Second, the straps were shortened 1/3.”  Finally, I changed the way the waist elastic was placed in.

The fabric is really thick and this pattern calls for it to be almost tripled over based on how they want you to do the casing.  So instead I surged the end of the top and when I placed the top and bottom together to be sewn, instead of them being evenly together, I moved the peplum bottom down about 1/3.” Then I stitched the top’s surged flap down onto the peplum to create the elastic casing.PUPPY TIME WARP

Since a couple weeks ago I posted a flashback for Rey I figured it was time for Kylo to have one.  This was taken the day that we got him at 5 months old.  He really didn’t grow very much.

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