1940’s Green Slytherin Dress

This dress has gone through the ringer.  So much so that I completely forgot to post this when I finished it because I kept thinking that I would alter it some more.  This dress started out as the 1940’s Vintage Simplicity pattern 8050.

Now the fabric I used was a knit and a thick one at that.  What made me first realize that I wasn’t too keen on this dress was that no matter how many times I took a photo of this I just wasn’t happy with the outcome.  Regardless if I was in it or Shelby (my mannequin).  So below is one of both before alterations.  And these photos are soo old, I think I made this dress last November.

So I wore the dress to work one day and I just felt self conscious the whole day, like I was in a costume and not an awesome cool dress.  So I talked to my tailor at work and asked her about it and she said that she adored it! But I still wasn’t happy.  So I took off the sleeves and shortened it about 5”.

I still don’t really know how I feel about this dress so maybe you all can give me some insight.  I haven’t worn it again because I still have to wear blazers to work and I feel too covered up with it.  But who knows I may wear it soon.  But when I do it will be with that little black belt up in the 3rd photo.


Here is Rey just being adorable.


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