Lace Table Cloths

Hello again!  This past week(s) I’ve been on vacation and finally have had some time to finish up a lot of projects I started and never really got around to finishing.  These lace table cloths and runners I am making are for a clients wedding.  They bought all the lace in various lengths because that is all the stores had.  So it was up to me to figure out how to make 15 table cloths and 1 table runner.  For the table cloths, only 2 have the fringe as you will see in this photo, all the other ones are without fringe.The lace is basically a 54”x54” square that I just “hemmed” as I added the fringe to.
There was a bit of give to the fabric so the weight of the fringe pulls on it differently depending on the design it was sewn on.I really love this lace.  I just gave it a black background so you can see the pattern better than just my cutting board.One thing that I learned from this is that fringe tends to grow and that you sometimes need to give it a little “hair cut.”


Here is Kylo and Rey helping me sew.  Kylo really was needing mommy’s attention so I just plopped him up on the cutting table while I was sorting out what projects were next.


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