Suit Pants to Vest

I am back! I hope you all have been a little more successful in your sewing and crafting endeavors than I have been lately.  Above is the vest in regular light after a second run of pressing. The bride really wanted a vest for the groom, but the consultant that they were working with completely ignored their wish.  Below is the vest again before the pressing round, but in an exposed light that really shows the black windowpane pattern in the fabric.I felt really bad that they couldn’t get the look that they wanted so I mentioned to them that if they bought a larger size suit then I could turn it into the vest for the groom. I really love wedding parties and I relate to them the most because we are currently pre planning our own wedding as well.

This suit vest is a size 40R, and was made from a size 48R suit.  I mostly used the pants and then part of the back of the jacket for the vest front and the front facing.  The lining I had to get more of because the jacket lining pieces were just too small to construct the vest.  They are really happy that the groom now has a vest that matches the suit! Keep posted, we are also working on some table covers, and maybe a robe for the bride made from her mothers old wedding dress.


There have been a lot of changes in my “day-job” lately and until recently i haven’t had much time to sew. But hopefully I am back. Just to get everyone caught up, I now have my own sewing studio that doubles as a guest bedroom for when friends and family visit. I got an awesome cutting table, new storage, and some new fabrics!


Above is Kylo (1.5 years) being adorable and playing his favorite game ever tug-o-fetch. Below is Rey (1 year) being a sleepy little girl.

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