Concert Dress Refashion

This was my high school concert band dress.  I loved this thing, but ever since high school I have only worn it once and that was in college when I was stuck in the basic concert band for a semester instead of my Major which was jazz.  This dress has soo many amazing memories and I miss wearing it.  It has just been collecting dust, so I figured it was time to do some refashions.


This is the dress now!  I hope to be able to wear it more for things like work.  I turned it into a swoop neckline and I cut off parts of the sleeves.  I have not yet worn this to work yet, but I plan on soon!


Puppy Update!

Here is baby girl!  She is now at 49lbs! She loves keeping watch on those pesky leaves outside, and she loves to let us know when one gets too close.


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