Sam’s Coral Skirt!

Everyone meet Sam!  She is my first friend that I made when we moved out to New Jersey last year.  We worked together and she really loved some of my clothes, so for Christmas I decided to make her a custom-one-of-a-kind skirt!


The fabric is from mood, it is a coral quilted cotton. I made this skirt from a self-drafted pattern I made a while back to make my Self-Drafted Box Pleat Skirt. I never really made a pattern for it.  However, I really want to do a tutorial in the future with one of the several skirts I will make.  This time around, I made pockets in the side seams!!!!  I seriously love this whole look and now that I’ve added pockets it just makes this skirt that much more awesome.


Awe look at little Kylo.  He really is mommy’s little helper when it comes to sewing.  He is always by my side or in my lap.


Here are the pockets I was talking about!  Since I am still playing catch-up in posting everything I made back in November and December, I need to wait to post the full tutorial to make this skirt.  But please stay posted so you can see how you can make one of these yourself.


Here is little Kylo and Rey.  We got Kylo a little thunder shirt for when he really gets anxious or worked up and he LOVES it.  We keep it on the back of my sewing chair and whenever he wants to wear it he paws at it.  He is so adorable.



3 thoughts on “Sam’s Coral Skirt!

  1. Beautiful skirt!
    I love the colour, it’s so bright and cheerful!
    I absolutely love box pleats in everything, but I always have so many issues making them all even and not getting the gaps in between each pleat! If you make a tutorial it would be nice if you addressed those difficulties!


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