Grey Puppy Kennel Covers


My puppy sitter is the best ever! She takes care of our pups and they love her, so do we.  I made her kennel covers a couple months ago, and she needed some more!  If you live in the south Jersey area near Mt. Laurel you can check out her info HERE and HERE.


Above and below is the big kennel cover style that I make for her.  It opens on the side so she requested that I leave it open so that the doors can open and close without any issues.


Above and below is one of the smaller covers that I make.  It has a front flap that can open or close depending on if your puppy wants a little privacy. I have many more covers to make for her and a couple more of her clients.



We just switched the pups to a part dry puppy food diet and mostly homemade food.  Yes if you couldn’t tell my babies are completely spoiled.  The homemade parts are chicken, hard boiled eggs, white rice, and sweet potato.


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