New Stockings!

Wow it has really been a while since my last post.  Now it is time to play a little catch-up over the next couple weeks over what I have been doing the past couple months.

First up is I made some new stockings for the 2 cute fuzzy additions to our family!


The top two stockings I made 2 years ago for christmas. This was way before I had an embroidery machine.  You can totally tell that they were hand embroidered, and let me tell you they took forever.

To make these stockings both the appliques and the body I used crafting felt. I got it at walmart three years ago and am really starting to run out.  If we add any more members to this little family then I may just need to go and get some more. (Or I may just make a whole new set of stockings)

This year I tried to actually stuff the stockings, and I realized that the body was too small to actually stuff it full of anything.  These may become decorative next year and I’ll make a whole new set that are bigger and can fit toys and treats in.


Kylo and Rey’s stockings I did hand embroider the cute light-saber and BB-8 on, but when it came to the names, I brought out my embroidery machine to help speed up the whole process.  I am still getting the hang of my embroidery machine.  It doesn’t get used very often because it is a very temperamental machine.  However after all that I have used it for this holiday season I think I finally might be getting the hang of it.



Please ignore the dishes in the sink, however look at how big baby Rey has gotten!  This pic was taken when she was just 8 months old!

Happy Crafting!

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