Teal Tribal Print!!

This fabric took me FOREVER to figure out what is wanted to be.  I was back and forth between having a more blouse-y top like my Workin’ Knit dress, my other tribal knit dress, OR what it turned out to be.  What finally helped me make a decision was that I really wanted sleeves because of it being fall and all.  (If you know me I hate sleeves, so this is weird for me to actually want some.)


I used McCall’s 6886 for the pattern.  I am SOO FREAKING HAPPY WITH HOW THIS DRESS TURNED OUT!!!!!!  Never before have I made sleeves so flawlessly and EVEN THE PRINTS MATCH ON THE SEAMS!!!


Never have I purposely tried to make prints match and it turn out this well, nor make sleeves with-out come form of puckering.  I will most defiantly be wearing this dress a lot!  It fits as perfect as I would ever dream a dress like this fitting!


For the next post I will have better photos, I’m planing on getting a tri-pod for my phone that way they wont just be 21st century selfies.


Puppies really do LOVE peanut butter 😉


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