Floral Maxi Dress

Finding time to sew for the past while was difficult due to 2 things.  Part 1 was just wanting to find time to de-stress, which doesn’t always happen when I sew, sometimes it makes it worse.  Part 2 is I just got hooked on a new tv show (Vampire Diaries).  I know I am late to the party and that it has been out for a while… but strangely I ended up watching the Originals first, then Vampire Diaries.  (The Originals is a TV show that is an off shoot of Vampire Diaries.)


Anyway, onto the dress.  I was originally excited about this dress, but now it just doesn’t seem as exciting as I thought.  it just seems kinda bla compared to some of the other knit dresses I have been making recently.  I like the original dress the best.  Here is another variation and here is the original commission dress that this fabric came from.


However, one of my girlfriends said they loved my first maxi dress so much that they were willing to pay for it, so I gave it to them as an early birthday presant.  I wish I would have kept it though, because I found out it was re-gifted then donated.


This 2.0 version is modified with a slit in the side because I ran out of width of fabric while I was cutting the skirt.  With the slit in there, it makes it easier to walk around and you can hardly tell that I sacrificed 3” off the bottom width.


Rey is now bigger than Kylo, sorry I don’t have a good picture of that, so here is Kylo is one of my old sweaters.


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