Green Starburst Dress

Hello!  This starburst dress was a little tricky, but I’m pretty okay with the end result.

Dress Front (2)

I used leftover fabric from the Stylin’ Green Tail Vest.  There really wasn’t that much left over otherwise I would have made sleeves.  As it is, I was really having to be creative on laying out the pattern for the body of the dress, I barely had enough fabric.  BUT I am really sticking to my commitment I made earlier, with needed to get rid of almost all of my fabric before I am allowing myself to buy more.

Dress Back

Above is the back of the dress and below is another view of the front.

Dress Front

The pattern I used is shown below and is Butterick’s 5559.  I really do think the next time I make this dress, it will be with more of a ribbed knit fabric or something less thick.

Image result for butterick 5559


Photo Sep 05, 5 36 02 PM

This is how Rey is whenever I try to sew.

Photo Sep 05, 5 36 23 PM

And then Kylo always decides to join in.  You can see why earlier this summer it was near impossible to get any work done.

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