Box Pleat Skirt, Self Drafted

Welcome back!  I have had this fabric for about 8 years, and have gone back and forth trying to figure out what to do with it.  I know a friend back in high-school had the same fabric and made a purse out of it.  I wanted to make a dress, but every-time I sew a dress with any kind of broad cloth it never turns out the way I intend.  So this time I decided to give a skirt a try.

Box Pleat Skirt

After watching Ashley’s first win on Project Runway All-Stars this past spring I decided I would teach myself how to make my own box pleat skirt.  (Which by the way, I called it from the start that she would win!  I love her!)  Heads up, these pictures are all really wonky.  The skirt changes its main color based on light and how you look at it.

Photo Aug 23, 10 26 32 AM

To get an idea on how to start, I began looking at pictures and other DIY how-to’s and with all of that mixed together I drafted my own pattern.  I added 2″ to my usual waist measurement to allow for seam allowance and comfort.  Then I folded the fabric to have 1″ tucked under, 3″ pleat, and another 1″ tucked under.  I really love the volume that this allowed and I think I will make another skirt the exact same way.

Photo Aug 23, 11 06 29 AM

I wore this skirt to work today and everyone absolutely loved it, they actually all wanted me to make several for them as well!  This is the most pleased I have been with a self drafted anything I have made.  Two other things that I am most proud of for self drafting include an Assassins Creed Jacket and a Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Costume. 10/10 I will definitely make another skirt like this again.  Lol, I even have some more broadcloth but in a different color that I may use.  But with this skirt I had a bunch of fabric left over because I used the whole width then chopped off half of it to make the proper length.  Next time I think I’ll do a full tutorial on how to make a skirt like this.



Rey is now the same height as Kylo.  And she is just as cute and cuddle-clumsy as ever.  While Kylo is a cool kid on the block and is turning 1 this month on September 22.  I’ll give you more details on what we have planned for his big day, but he will be the most spoiled puppy on the face of this earth I swear.  I think they are spoiled enough as it is but we just love them so stinking much!!!  Like, how can you not, look at those adorable little faces!!


That’s it for now,  HAPPY CRAFTING!!!

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