Smaller Kennel Cover

Hello!  Like I have been saying, my puppy-sitter is amazing!  We had some fabric left over from one of her bigger kennel covers so we decided to make a smaller one as well!

This one has a roll-able door flap instead of just an opening.  We left an opening for the first cover is because the way the door flips over the top instead of swinging open.

Above is what the flap looks like when it’s down.  Below is a back view of this cover.

Just like the other kennel cover we used double wide, double folded bias tape for the finishing edges.  I was going to use some for the ties, but I literally just had enough for the kennel as it is, so I used some of ribbon.


After we went for a little walk they were the sweetest things and stayed this way during the afternoon while I sewed!  It was amazing and adorable.  I believe that this is the first time that they ever slept together in a puppy bed.  Usually they just fight over who gets the bed.  I’m so proud of my little babies!!

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