Flower Work Shirt

Welcome back! This is the shirt that the puppies just really would not let me sew. I got the fabric a few years ago from Joanns and have just never gotten around to doing anything with it.

I am in love with the tie collar!  But if I were to do it differently next time (which there will be) I would use Vogue 8772 for the collar and New Look 6704 for the shirt design.  This is to give my chest more breathing room.  I feel like the button up going all the way to my neck with the tie is too stuffy and conservative.  I really don’t like high neck outfits, it makes me feel like something is choking me. Below you’ll see what I mean.

It looks okay, but way too stuffy when I’m at work because I have to wear a sweater. I love that you can style the ties in so many different ways.  The first one is in a bow and the one below is in a loose knot.

Well that’s about it for the shirt, now it’s time for a:

PUPPY UPDATE!      img_5863 Here are the puppies sleeping in the big boy and girl bed 🙂  It’s nice to not have to drag her kennel back and forth from the living room to the bed room just for bed time.  They are still waaay too young to be left out and about all by themselves while Trey and I are at work.  We have an amazing puppy sitter though!  She really is he best!  We let her know about when we need her and she’ll spend anywhere form 1/2-2 hours with the puppies depending on how much energy they need to burn for just a flat rate!

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