A Pup of Color

Welcome back!  This past two months have left me completely exhausted.  Between work and another new puppy my attention hasn’t really been on sewing or crafting.

Everyone meet Rey (on the right), and you all know Kylo (left).  They have really kept me busy in teaching them how to be good siblings and play nicely.  Neither Trey nor myself have been able to do anything but watch them until revue fly on our days off (which are very limited as it is).  This makes us doing any of our hobbies very hard.  But it’s worth it to see our little family grow!  These pups really know how to brighten your day after work.
They both love attention so it is very hard to sew around them.  (Or they will take your spools of thread and chew them)  So while I was watching the olympics I was able to make a little necklace for work.

I used whatever scrap jewelry making supplies I had laying around.  (I’m not letting myself buy new fabric, or crafting supplies until all of the stuff I currently have is almost gone.)  I made this necklace long enough so that I can wrap it around my head twice for a double look.

img_5899 I’m still attempting to see more but it has just been getting more and more difficult to juggle relaxing time, work, puppies and sewing. I’m currently making a work shirt that has taken, I kid you not, 2 months to complete.  Normally a shirt like this would take one sitting of 4 hours.  But I guess that’s wheat happens when you are in the real world and not collegeville anymore.

Sometimes they can be little angels.  I just wish they could be like this when I am trying to sew.

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