Green Pencil Skirt

Being a Manager-in-Training is intense work, and a bunch of long hours.  But I am enjoying working with our store team!  It took several of my days off to finish this skirt due to only being able to sew for a couple minutes at a time.  I was originally going to use a different skirt pattern, but Kylo ate it…  So I used an older pattern that I used back a couple years ago with my 3-piece suit.

Photo Jun 06, 11 00 11 AM

The fabric my mom got for me back in 2008 thinking we would make a swimsuit cover, but at that time I was not a fan of the fabric.  I do love it now and decided to bring it out from the fabric bin!  I am trying to get into bolder colors for my work wardrobe.

Photo Jun 09, 10 53 11 AM

The lining fabric is also a knit so this whole skirt is super comfy.   But it was slightly sheer so I took of Trey’s older white shirts and turned it into a makeshift slit by cutting the sides and top then surging it to make finished sides.

Photo Jun 06, 11 00 28 AM

But I am pretty happy about the end result, minus the black zipper.  I just didn’t have time to run and get a white one.  But what do you guys think!  (sorry for the bad photos, its been super rainy lately)

Happy Crafting!

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