Leftover Fabric = New PJ Shorts!

I am still adjusting to finding a good sewing schedule while taking care of a puppy.  One day he likes chilling, while another all he wants to do is run around and play.  I did find enough time for a super small and easy project.

I originally got this fabric to make some infinity scarves several years ago but just fell out of that idea because Trey got me a whole bunch of pashmina scarves when he visited NYC for a business trip.  While going through my mega fabric stash I decided to actually use a whole bunch of this fabric before I am allowing myself to buy new fabric.  I always tell myself that but never really go through with it, but this time I really mean it.

Photo Mar 03, 8 32 10 PM

I used McCalls 6658 for the pattern, but it was really big for my size.  I ended up cutting away 1.5” from the bottom of the shorts, 1” on either side for the shorts, and 4” off of the top.  I like my PJ shorts to be more like soffe shorts.  I cut out the PJ shorts, then realized how much was left over and made Kylo his blanket.  These shorts really aren’t much but Kylo really does love to “help” me sew.  He’s super photogenic.

He really does love to help.

He really does love to help.  If you look at the first photo, you can see his little paws.  HE HAS GOTTEN SOO BIG!!

I’m just super excited for my next project, it’s an awesome stretch velvet dress 🙂


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