Kylo’s Tie-Blanket

Hey everyone I am head over heels in puppy love with Kylo.  I found some extra fabric and decided to make him an embroidered tie blanket.  I think that he likes it so far 😉

Already loves the blanket

He always loves to cuddle with me on the couch, because of my own obsession with always having a blanket. (I am always cold)  He always manages to find a way under the blankets and snuggle with me.  So I figured he may want one of his own for his kennel or bed. (He is spoiled and has a puppy bed separate from his kennel)

Finished Front

Up top is the front and below is the back.  The fabric I used was leftovers from some PJ shorts I am currently making and leftover blanket lining that I used in my coat.

Helping me

Here he is trying to help 🙂

More like getting in my way

Then his helping just got in the way…

Wearing the blanket


Running around with blanket

He even ran around the house wearing it.

Kylo's Favorite spot

He loves sleeping by the window when I am sewing and not paying attention to him.

I think that he likes it!  If not then at least he will be warm when he sleeps, we are kennel training him.  Plus I just move too much in my sleep and am afraid I would squish him in my sleep.


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