Stylin’ Green Tail Vest

Hello everyone!  Life has been completely crazy. We moved from Macomb, Illinois to Naperville, Illinois at the beginning of January and now we are about to do a HUGE move out to New Jersey!!  In the midst of all this moving I was able to get one commission out!

Photo Jan 28, 12 49 47 PM

This tail vest was inspired by my newest client from my Wizard of Oz Coat.  My newest client is from Texas!  She was just browsing the web and came across my website for dance costumes.  This tail vest is for a 10 yo boy that dances at her studio.

Photo Jan 25, 3 52 13 PM

All of the fabric is more of a spandex than a jersey knit and it will look great on him!  The more gold green was used from left-over fabric remnants from the Wizard of Oz Coat. (There was just scraps left)
Photo Jan 28, 1 01 25 PM

The bow tie is just adorable.  It’s the first one I’ve made and it was super easy!  The tie is a clip on tie and I loved making it so much I can’t wait for someone else to commission another custom one!

Photo Jan 28, 1 01 32 PM

Once we get all settled in New Jersey I will start up on all my personal projects that have really gotten backed up.  During this moving process I realized I have way more fabric than I thought I did… as well as patterns… I really need to put all of those to use.

I am really looking forward to all the new crafting that New Jersey will bring to us!



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