Warmest Winter Coat EVER!!!!

Hey everyone!!  The warmest winter coat I have ever owned was my Letterman’s jacket.  Sadly, once I got to college I still wore it around for the beginning part of winter my freshman year.  I didn’t care, but it was annoying being called a “typical freshman.”  Ever since I swore off that jacket each winter throughout college I have bought a new winter jacket.  Each one has been progressively warmer, but still, I would have to wear layer upon layer of jackets and sleeves to keep warm.  Then it came to me earlier this fall, “why not make my own since no other jacket has lived up to my standards.”
More of my winter coatu

This is what I just finished today!  This jacket is made of a super thick wool I bought from mood and thick winter fleece from fabric.com.  Let me just say how awesomely warm this jacket is!! OMG it is amazing!  It is super warm!

My Winter coat lining!1

Today my area is experiencing 24-38 mph winds. I just compared my old jacket to my new winter jacket and I couldn’t even feel the wind in my new jacket!  Bring on the winter wherever we move to, I AM READY!!!!!!!

My Winter Coat Back

This jacket is based off of Butterick 5252, but I have changed to much of it, you can’t really tell anymore.  I moved the pockets from the front seam to the side seam.  I ignored the weird frills and added 2 inches to my sleeves.  The bottom was extended 9” to make the jacket go all the way down past my knees.  I also drafted my own belt and added belt loops on the side seams 3.5” below the arm hole seam.


I also changed how to finish the sleeves and hem.  Instead of however it was telling me to do them, I finished them the way you would a men’s suit jacket.  For the sleeves I opened the sleeve lining sleeve and finished it that way.  For the hem, I finished by turning the garment inside out and sewing the lining to the outer fabric leaving a hole to flip it back, then hand stitching the hole together.  Ohh!! And I top stitched the entire front and collar!

My Winter Coat Popped Collat

Oh and the top button is for when it gets really really cold!

My Winter Coat!


Have you guys ever made a coat?  It’s totally worth it!

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