Purple Flower Power Dress

Hello everyone!  This dress is an early Christmas present for my sister.   This year I am making all the presents for my family, and I’m kinda excited to take on this task.

Purple Flower Power Dress

She asked for this present early for her 10 year high school reunion.  She will certainly look amazing!  I am excited to be her stylist of sorts, she’s not much of a dress girl so I’m honored to make her some of her first.

Purple Flower Power - Back

This cotton shirting fabric had a border on it, so I turned that all into the belt region and apart of the bust area for an outline.  I used Vogue 1086 for the pattern and altered it slightly to make sure that it fit properly.

What do you all think?  What are you all doing for your Christmas crafting this year?

5 thoughts on “Purple Flower Power Dress

  1. It’s lovely! I love the way you used the border print. Every year I fantasize that I’m going to make PJs for everyone in personal themes, but I always run out of time. I should do it in the summer, ha ha! I will be making baby clothes for a friend’s January baby shower; guess I should start thinking about that….

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