Awesome Dance Team Separates!

Hello everyone!!  I just recently finished alterations for a dance studio and some of the alterations included complete costume overhauls.

Photo Oct 25, 12 03 50 PM

This cute pink princess bra started out as just a plain white bra.  I completely covered it all with the pink crinkled fabric, trim on the straps, and the beads.  I really love this one and how it all turned out!

Photo Oct 25, 12 04 54 PM

This bra started out as two sports bras.  I connected them at the bottom and bedazzled with all of the beads.  The flowers were originally a necklace that I took apart and hand stitched onto the bra.  I really love this whole idea of using necklaces as appliques.

Photo Oct 25, 12 05 31 PM

This blue dress was originally plain and 5 inches longer.  I added the trim, a slit, and the necklace as an applique.  I really love the color of this dress and just overall working for this dance studio.  These were just the costume overhauls, I had about 40 different costumes that needed alterations in other ways.

I really love working for dance studios and watching the costumes really come alive.


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