Wicked Witch of the West Guards

Hey everyone! I’m really sad, I’m almost all done with the dance team commissions. 😦  This is again apart of the Wizard of Oz themed dance.  The inspiration for these costumes was also from the Todrick Hall’s Wizard of Oz Medley.

Photo Oct 22, 3 45 02 PM

For several costumes I have drafted cool or avaunt guard shoulders.  This was no different.  For the shoulders I used double interfacing to make sure that they will stay pointed.  They are sewn together in the back and are going to be Velcro together in the front.  I think I will supply them with a safety pin though, just to make sure that they don’t move around too much.  They will just pin the shoulders to the front of their leo.  The fabric was bought at fabric.com.

Photo Oct 22, 11 41 31 AM

You can see the tails in the pictures above.  The edges were just surged to give it a workman’s/finished look.  The tails are going to be Velcroed to the leotards.  They use these for several of their dances, so they cannot be sewn on.

Photo Oct 22, 11 41 37 AMAbove is a picture of the shoulders from a top view.  These are simple and were fun to make/draft.  I love working with these girls!

If you want to see more of the things I have made for dance teams, you can view them HERE!

Halloween is coming up!! What are you making?!?


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