The Wizard’s Coat

Hello everyone, and we are back with your regular scheduled programming of dance costumes!  This is for the Illini West Dance Team, the theme is Wizard of Oz and this is the Wizard!  This is an asymmetrical jacket with a mega puff sleeve on one side and a pocket on the other.

Wizard Sleeve Puff

Pictured above is how the sleeve will puff once the sleeve is fitted to the girl.  (I really hope it even gets puffier than that.)  The rest of the pictures it will flop down because I don’t have a manikin with arms… by the way, anyone know where to get one with either detachable arms or one with legs?

Todrick Hall's Wizard of Ahhhs

This costume was inspired by Todrick Hall’s joint work with the Pentatonics called “The Wizard of Ahhhs.”  You can see his costume pictured above, and if you CLICK HERE, you can watch their video 🙂

Wizard Jacket Full Front

This fabric is a super 4 way stretch glittery glitz spandex.  We bought this from a New York City company called Stretch House.  I found out about them when I went to visit Mood Fabrics while I was in the city.  (The are located across the street from Mood.)  One is a green and gold metallic combo and the other fabric is black and silver.  If you want to order from their website, please note, you can only order in full yards.  I found this out the hard way and they just upped the order to the full yard.

Wizard Full Back

Here you can see the back of the jacket and it’s tails.  Again, pretend the sleeve is puffy like in the first picture.  I will update you all with legit pictures of this costume set fitted to the girls once I can get to one of their practices.

Wizard Jacket Full Floor

Above shows you the fabric in a different light.  This fabric really does tricks on the eye depending on the light you are in.

New Dance Team!

Now on a complete and separate note I have even better news!  I just recently picked up another contract to do more costumes for a local dance company!!! So all of you who were worried that I may one day run out of costume for you, think again!!!  Not all of these costume are for teams, some are for solo dances and others duets, but I will give you as much of a story for each one that I can.  Plus for the costume that have some cool alterations going on I’ll post about their transformation 😉

If you want to check out any of my other work for dance teams you can see it HERE!

What do you think of my wizard costume!?!?

Anyone know where to buy those really awesome manikins with arms and legs?


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