Tinkerbell Grew Up!

Hello everyone!  So there is a super cute story behind this costume!  My client’s daughter wanted to be Tinkerbell and so when her little costume came in she came up and hugged her mom and said, with the cutest look, “Mommy, I want you to be Tinkerbell with me!”  How can you say no to that, right!  So she started looking for Tinkerbell Costumes online for adults, but the only ones that were out there were the sexy adult Tinkerbell costumes.  She came to me and asked if I could make one with a longer skirt and more coverage on top so that it can be more appropriate.

Tinkerbell Costume

This is also a completely self drafted costume.  I used a basic custom tank top for the top.  Below you can see the various lengths I made for the petals.  The longest petal dimension is 23” x 8”.  The middle length is 15” x 7” and the smallest is 8” x 6”.

Photo Oct 07, 9 52 26 PM Photo Oct 07, 9 56 00 PM Photo Oct 07, 9 59 06 PM

I had a lot of problems with this costume.  Originally it was going to have elastic around the waist so that it could easily be taken on and off for comfort.  Then as I was putting the petals on I saw that that was no longer an option because I didn’t cut them with enough room for the elastic.  So then I put everything together, cut a spot on the side for the zipper, and slapped on a zipper.  It all worked out in the end.

Tinkerbell Costume Full

After that I put on the trim, which really pulled it all together!  I was a lot happier with the whole costume once the trim was on.  I really do like to make sure everything looks perfect!  And below is the back!  Sorry for the windy pictures!

Tinkerbell back

What do you guys all think?


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