Elder Scrolls Uriel Septim VII Costume

Hello everyone!!  I figured I would give you all a break from the dance costumes.  This commission is an Elder Scrolls Uriel Septim VII Costume.  For those, like me, that need a picture reference it’s the second picture as you scroll down.

Uriel Septim VII Bodice Front

Above is a nice close-up of the chest and sleeve detail.  I really did have fun being able to design and play around with so much trim.  Below you can see my reference for the Uriel Septim VII character.

Urisl Septim VII

Below is a full length picture of the dressing gown for the character.  You can see that there is the detailing on the bottom with the fringe.  The circular motion for the trim detailing was more difficult than I anticipated.  I ended up using my tailors chalk to draw the general idea, and had to wet the area down because I messed up on the circles quite a bit.  In the end both Christian, my client, and I are really happy with how everything turned out!

Uriel Septim VII Costume in full

There are 2 more parts left for this costume, I have a belt and a cape/coat thing with more fur!!  I really enjoy working with fur, I know the mess is unbearable, but there is just so much fun and satisfaction with it.

Uriel Septim VII Costume Before Embelishments

Oh and just for fun and comparison sake, above is a picture of the full dressing robe without any of the fringe, trim, and embellishments.  Below is also just for fun, its me laying out all the trim before I sew it on!

Uriel Septim VII Costume laying out the trim

Let me know what you all think!


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