Wizard of Oz Toto Dance Costume

Hello Everyone!  Next up in the dance team competition Wizard of Oz themed dance is Toto!  Now the mess with fur is real, especially because I sewed both this and the Lion in the same night.  I figured I would just have the mess all in one night, than to have to drag it on over several days.

Toto Vest Front

Toto’s vest is self drafted.  I also kept the ends unfinished and just took the vest outside and shook it until stuff stopped falling off.

Toto Vest Back

For her cuffs I measured her wrists, which are way smaller than mine, and cut the fur accordingly.

Toto Cuffs

The leg warmers are super hot, like heat wise.  Which shouldn’t really be surprising but I was shocked when I put them on just for this photo and how warm I instantly got.  I can understand why they were popular back in the winter days.

Toto Leg Warmers

You can also see in the picture above how messy this fur is, I vacuumed twice by this point…  Below is the cute little Toto ears.  The length of this fur is so long that it sewed itself into the seams of the ears, I think they are cute!

Toto Ears

If you want to see more costumes I have done for dance teams, you can see them all HERE!

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