Wizard of Oz Lion Dance Costume

Hello Everyone!  Next up in the line of dance costumes for Illili West is the Lion for their Wizard of Oz themed dance.  This one was super fun to create because I have never worked with fake fur before; and yes, everyone and their mother warned me about the mess.  I already knew that because my mom made me a fur-esk minkey blanket and the mess that she had.

Now there are 4 parts to this costume the vest, tail, muffs, and ears.  All of them are completely self drafted!  I honestly think that this is my favorite of all the costumes I’ve made now for these girls because of how adorable it is!

Lion's tail and back of vest

Above you can see the Lion’s vest and tail.  The vest I just drafted a really quick vest pattern, and the tail i really just cut out a tapering strip of fabric.  The tail will be attached to the girls leotard via safety pin because it is pretty heavy and they need the leos for the gold dance, that I made the skirts for.

Lions Vest

Next is the front of the vest.  I didn’t finish any of the edges, just shook the crap out of them to get rid of all the fly-away fur.

Lions Wristlets

For the cuffs, I just measured her wrist and made them accordingly.

Lions Ears

Okay, so, this next part is my absolute favorite!  The girl that is the Lion is a strawberry blond so I got a headband that is easily bobby-pin-able and sewed the ears for the lion on.  I looked up pictures of lions to see where their ears are positioned so that they didn’t look too off.  Then before I sewed them on, I used my tailors chalk and marked in the mirror where they should go.  I honestly think this is the most adorable part of this whole costume!

I really cannot wait to show you all the girls once they get their costumes!  But that won’t be until later in October.

If you want to see other stuff I have made for Dance Teams, you can check them out HERE!

Let me know what you all think!  HAPPY CRAFTING!

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