Custom Cushion Slip Covers

Hello Everyone!  So this past week I worked on come custom cushion slip covers for a good friend of mine.  I meet her while doing several dress fittings for her and her sister.  Later on I also taught her kids swim lessons, which was adorable.  (The past several summers I have been a life guard at our country club.)  One day after swimming lessons she asked if I could make some custom cushion covers and linings for them!  Of course I said yes!

Zipper Profile

Here is what the cushions first started out as…

Cushion Before

Now the linings fit very loosely.  We just ordered the cheapest satin for the linings because the fabric we got for the cover itself is indoor/outdoor fabric that allows water to just fall right off of it.


Now I have never done upholstery before, but I knew the basics, plus she didn’t really want piping along the seams so that made my life easier.  For those wanting to learn, or have a project you have been procrastinating on because you haven’t done it before, all you need to do is take measurements and cut, it’s easier than dressmaking.  And for the zippers, I just added 1/5” to one side and the back, and cut that in half for the zipper.  Super simple!

Both completed cushions

Here they are!  All completely finished!  What do you guys think?!


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