Imagine Dragons Gold Skirts

Hey everyone!  So here are the rest of the gold skirts that go with the Kings Skirt.  These costumes are for the Illini West High School Dance team and their amazing coach Ashley Olin!  You can see some of the other stuff I have done for her HERE!Photo Sep 17, 4 36 12 PM

Now these skirts are super awesome because they change colors throughout the song.

Photo Sep 17, 4 36 59 PM (1)

These are the same skirts.  At the beginning they are half skirts with the black showing in the back and they are just wearing booty shorts in the front.  When the king touches them they will whip their skirts around and become all gold.  Cool isn’t it!

Photo Sep 16, 4 41 02 PM

The picture above in the back and the picture below is the front.

Photo Sep 16, 4 41 55 PM

The next pictures are of the exact same skirt once the “color changes”

Photo Sep 16, 4 42 36 PM

Once again, the back is above and the front is below.
Photo Sep 16, 4 42 50 PM

I used a normal 3” waist band elastic for the waistline.  I used Velcro to hold the changing end of the skirt in place weather its on the front or the back sides of the body.

Photo Sep 17, 3 46 52 PM

Here’s a candid picture of all the girls as they are practicing.  They were in love with the skirts!  They kept playing with them while they were practicing and really loved the swing that they all had.  I am really pleased with how it all turned out.

There was a few things that I learned while doing these skirts, and that is lame tissue (which is the gold fabric) really does not like to be surged, the weave in it is too loose that seams will not take hold.  That goes for both 3 and 4 string surging.

I absolutely love working with Ashley and these girls, they are really fun to watch dance.  I am probably their biggest fan because I never danced as a kid, just did band things.  There is still more to come with these girls, I have one more set of costumes and that is for a wizard of oz themed dance!

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