The Kings’ Skirt

Hello Everyone!  Today starts an exciting cycle of all my dance team costumes that are finished!  “The Kings’ Skirt” is for the Illini West High School Dance Team.  This skirt is apart of a whole collection of skirts for this dance to the song “Gold.” The song summed up essentially states that everything that the king touches turns to gold.  So throughout the dance our cute king will be wearing this skirt, and the others will be wearing a skirt that can change colors.  Please stay tuned for a further skirt update that will contain the golden skirts!

Kings Skirt Full

The fabric is an awesome bridal satin.  On “right side” of the fabric is has a really pretty plum regal color, and on the “wrong side”  it is a super almost leathery look.  Well when the fabric came in, I showed the wrong side to the dance coach, Ashley, and she fell in love with the texture.  (You can see the kimono’s I made for her in the past HERE)  We decided to make the skirt with the “wrong side” as the “right side.” And might I say it looks freaking fierce!

In this picture, you can see the leathery look I am talking about more clearly.

In this picture, you can see the leathery look I am talking about more clearly.

The girls are dancing to the song called “Gold” by Imagine Dragons.

The gold trim and fabric we got at mood, my favorite fabric store ever!  But the thread and other notions I got at  The thread matched perfectly and the elastic for the waistband is going to last for a long time.  (If you shop at now and use my promo code WSAM915 you can save 10%)

Kings Skirt Exposed

But what do you guys all think?  I freaking love it!!!!  This skirt has soo much swing in it, it is almost a full circle skirt with a very high slit to allow movement for the dancers!

Kings Skirt Progress_edited-1

Just look at how much fabric it has in it!!! Ohh and please ignore my messy kitchen.

If you want to see more stuff that I have made for Ashley you can click on the following:  Kimono’s, Peter Pan, Captain Hook


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