Hawaiian Shirt 3/3!!!!

Here is the last Hawaiian shirt!  You can check out the first one HERE, and the second one HERE!

So this isn’t so much a Hawaiian shirt as it is just a normal black shirt, BUT IT’S A CUSTOM SHIRT!  This is from the same Hawaiian shirt series.  This black fabric is just a lightweight shirting cotton fabric.

Black Shirt Front

The buttons are simple plastic black buttons. The thing that I like the most about this shirt is that it really shows off the embroidery the best!

I really do love my embroidery machine 🙂

Black Shirt Embroidery

One thing that I have been doing for each of these shirts is using french seams on all of the side and sleeve seams.  I used them the most when I made all of those kimono’s for the dance team, but only for them I used them on EVERY SEAM!!!!!!!! I use a modified french seam, I cheat and use my serger for the first seam so I don’t have to waste time and cut the extra trimmings for when I go back and sew the seam for the second time.

What do you guys think?!


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