Hello Everyone!! Sorry it appears like I have vanished; pretty much everyone quit or went back to school at my job so I’m stuck on overtime!!!!!!! All I could think about was sewing and what all needed to be done.  HOWEVER I FINALLY HAD 2 DAYS OFF!!!! Finally! So I got a lot of sewing done. The first things accomplished were some Hawaiian shirts for a client of mine!

Purple Hawaiian Shirt Front

HERE IS THE FIRST!!!! This one is my favorite! We got this fabric straight from Hawaii!

Collar and Buttons Purple

The buttons are just some simple wooden buttons.

Pocket Purple

So my client is a trumpet player in the Chicago-land area and he gets his mouthpieces custom made from Hammond Design so he requested that their logo be on a couple of the shirts.  I was happy to have any excuse to use my embroidery machine!  I had a lot of fun trying to find a good fabric selection for the pocket design, as well as for the collar.

I’m still working on taking better pictures… I’ll get there soon!

What do you guys think?! I figured I would start with my favorite 🙂


6 thoughts on “HAWAIIAN SHIRTS! 1/3

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    • My client really wanted to make sure that the embroidered logo would be on all of his shirts. The print was just too crazy for any color to really make it stand out between the white and purple; I found the area with the most amount of purple showing and used white/light purple for the stitching.


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