Dance Team Kimono’s

Hello Everyone!  I have been working on my biggest commission yet!  One of my good friends coaches dance teams in our small area of Illinois, she started coaching for her old High School (Illini West).  I did some work with her before with littler kids when she did a peter pan dance.  (See Peter’s Costume and Hook’s Costume)

This time I made Kimono’s for their homecoming half-time dance.  There are 13 girls so I have my hands full!

Kimono Front

Here is the front of the kimono!  Their High School colors are blue and orange, thus the orange.  The silver is a little more shinier in person, and when the light catches it just right it just shines!  I got the silver fabric from a wholesale website and got 25 yards of the stuff; and the orange from….  Where they messed up my order!!! I was originally going to get a different silver fabric, but it took them 2 whole weeks after I placed my order to tell me they were out of stock (when online it said they had 30 yards).  Annoyed is putting it lightly, but I will give them a second chance… even though they have done this to me in the past…

Kimono Side

ANYWAY!!!!  See the shine!  I made this a high-low kimono so that they can be covered in the back section; the High School apparently just went under a newer and more strict dress code.

Kimono Back

Finally, the back. I’m really surprised, I cut out all of the fabric for each girl’s Kimono in 2 days and then it only took about 1.5 hours to make the one in the picture!  To be fair, as I was cutting out the fabric I was very distracted because I started watching Breaking Bad with my boyfriend.

I am actually making 2 more costume sets for these ladies dance sets!  One dance will have gold and black changing colored skirts (you’ll have to stay tuned to see how that will happen) and the other is a wizard of oz theme so stay tuned to see what else these awesome girls will get!

What have you all been working on lately??

Happy Crafting!!

4 thoughts on “Dance Team Kimono’s

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