Little Cubs Ring Bearer

Hey Everyone!! I hope you have had many successes in your crafting these past couple weeks!  Up next is a little ring bearer outfit that I made for my cousins wedding that is on July 11!  Their wedding is baseball themed, the flower girl is cardinals themed and the ring bearer is cubs!

Photo Jun 29, 9 47 50 PM

This is the cute little outfit!  What do you all think?

Photo Jun 29, 9 48 04 PM

The fabric took me FOREVER to freaking find, and it still isn’t exactly what I wanted, but it all looks cute and perfect anyway!

Photo Jun 29, 5 41 32 PM

I used this old pattern that my mom had for when my brothers were into baseball.  It was a pretty easy pattern, it just took longer than I thought it would.

Photo Jun 29, 5 58 39 PM

I also added bias tape along the pant legs and around the sleeve for a cool decorative effect.

Photo Jun 29, 8 13 46 PM copy

Here is the super cool part though, the back cubs emblem!  I totally did this with my embroidery machine!  I’m really happy with how everything turned out!  This is what took the longest.  I really love my machine!

Photo Jun 29, 9 47 50 PM

Let me know what you guys all think!

Have you been to a themed wedding, what was the theme!?


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