Elegant Red Fit and Flare

Hello Everyone!  So this next fit and flare I made just for one of my best friends who visited me this past week!

Photo Jun 25, 12 22 22 PM (1)

We were shopping at Walmart and went through the fabric section and I told her that if she found something that she liked, that I would make a dress for her out of it!

Photo Jun 25, 12 22 51 PM

So here is the dress, it is the same pattern I used for my Cute Fit and Flare dress!  She also found some lace trim to go around the waist line.

Photo Jun 25, 12 22 10 PM

Now is her favorite part… these super cool buttons!  I wouldn’t let her settle with normal plain buttons, so I hunted for a little bit and found these babies!
Photo Jun 25, 12 18 56 PM

She likes it so I’m happy with this little impromptu sewing session.  What do you all think?

Have you guys made anything impromptu lately?  What was it?  Let me know!

2 thoughts on “Elegant Red Fit and Flare

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