Cute Collared Fit and Flare for Gabby!

Hello!  This next dress is pretty much awesome in every way.  First off it is a fit and flare, which is flattering for pretty much every body type!  Second is that this fabric is chevron and in my favorite color!  (I think I will have to go out and buy some of this fabric for myself.)  And thirdly, it is just super cute!

Chevron Collared Dress

This commission was for Gabby!  I previously made her a Cowl Neck Dress, Doctor Who Clara Dress, and a cute Wrap Dress!  She actually found the pattern I used on the Simplicity website, Simplicity #####.  I would warn everyone about to use this pattern though, that they should prepare for a lot of alterations because I made 2 of this dress, one for her and one for me (that you will see later on(in a different color)) and both needed a lot of alterations in the waistline to make sure that they fit perfectly.

Photo Jun 18, 1 40 49 AM

The fabric she bought at and like I said earlier, this is seriously some cool fabric.  Teal Chevron MY FAVORITE!

Photo Jun 21, 5 40 10 PM

Other than the waist line there really were not that many issues with making this dress.  The collar area was a bit rough and I needed to go in and fix it, but other than that; not too bad.  What do you guys think??

Have you made anything with a cute chevron print lately?  Let me know!!


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