The Art of Fashion Sketching

Recently I have decided to take up learning how to sketch.  This way I will be able to show my clients what I am designing for them, rather than just showing them two different patterns and saying the final product will be a combination of the two. I completely suck at sketching and drawing, so to fix this I have recently bought a book that has actually helped me out!  It is Fashion Design Workshop by Stephanie Corfee.  I am thinking about one or both of these other books Fashion Illustration Techniques by Zeshu Takamura, and Fashion Illustration Art by Jennifer Lilya just to that I can get two different perspectives of drawing.


So here is my FIRST ever attempt at sketching…

Photo Jun 04, 1 57 16 PM

This is when I realized that I will need a lot of practice in order to become really good at this.

Photo Jun 04, 1 57 27 PM

I really actually like the skirt shading on the sketch below.

Photo Jun 04, 1 57 32 PM

I keep laughing at this one because her eyes and forehead… this next one looks really scary.Photo Jun 04, 1 57 36 PM

Photo Jun 04, 1 57 52 PM

Slowly you can kinda see me progressing with the more sketching I do.

Photo Jun 04, 1 57 56 PM

Photo Jun 04, 1 58 01 PM

This is the point where the book sketching ends and how I then tried to replicate the sketches from pattern covers!

Photo Jun 04, 1 58 05 PM

Photo Jun 04, 1 58 10 PM

Photo Jun 04, 1 58 21 PM

This next one is actually a commission for a client of mine that I will be sewing within the next couple months.

Photo Jun 04, 1 58 25 PM

Finally, here is the most recent sketch.  I think that I really have improved dramatically!  I have been sketching while nothing is going on at work, which is quite frequently really.  I work at a country club in the Pro Shop and as a Life Guard, so free time is a pretty frequent thing.

Photo Jun 04, 1 58 30 PM

Below is actually the back of my dream wedding dress.

Photo Jun 04, 1 58 36 PM

There is still a lot of progress that needs to be made; however, I am happy that the models started to look more human like with the more I drew them!

What books do you use for learning to sketch you clothing?

Have you ever sketched before?



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