Make It Work Moment

This jacket was a commission for a friend of mine.  He gave me pictures of some red/black steam punk jackets from his phone and wanted me to re-create them all mashed together.  I said “Yeah okay, this should be easy!”  Well the next day we meet comes around, and he brings me material from his friends old gym that shut down.  Yeah, all of the material you see in this jacket is made from leftover gym materials and fabric.

Jacket Front

The red is what they make wrestling chair covers out of, as well as the wrestling mats.  The black is straps that used to hold up weights.  Finally the blue pin stripe lining is only what I assume some sort of bag was made out of.  If you look close enough in the pictures you can see that its really thick and there are even thicker patches sewn into the dang thing.  All of this material broke 3 super strong needles, and messed up my serger knife.  I had to go in and bend it back into place.  (On the plus side, my serger isn’t as clanky/noisy now that I’ve gone in and messed around and oiled it.)

Jacket Back

Even though this was for a guy, the base of this design is Butterick 4929.  You can see it in other forms Assassins Creed Jacket, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Tail Vest.  To alter it for a boy’s figure I just took some of the curvature out in the chest region.  I made it have a decently cool collar and I also gave the sleeves cuffs.

Jacket Cuff

I just imagined I was on Project Runway and Tim Gunn kept saying, “Sam, make it work!”  While I was making this whole thing I kept getting very frustrated because the gym mat material just was literally the worst giving fabric ever.  It ate up thread, I had to literally pull the material through my sewing machine, and it kept leaving my hands red and black.  I washed my hands with dish soap 3 times after I was done sewing each day.

Jacket Lining

Now I bet you are thinking, “But Sam, this isn’t complete at all.  What are you thinking?”  And what is going on is that he just wanted the base jacket.  He is going to go and find gears, cogs, and other things and hand sew them on himself.  He kept saying he would find them in time before we both graduated but we both got really busy because we were both graduating at the end of the semester.  That also goes for the closings for the jacket.

But I have learned my lesson on working with very difficult fabrics.

What do you guys think?

Have you ever made anything with really weird materials? Please let me know!!!

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