Wedding Dress Jacket

This commission was for a SAI sister of mine.  She is getting married in November and wanted a wedding jacket for herself made out of her mothers old wedding dress skirt.  I was really happy to make this for her!  I have been doing a bunch of bridesmaids dress alterations lately so I’m all in the wedding mood! Here is an advanced warning, these pictures are not the best… I could not get the lighting to work properly for these photos.

Jacket Beading Close Up

Below is a picture of her mothers old skirt.  I had her bleach and Oxiclean this to get it to the white it is shown, it was a tid-bit yellow.

Mothers Wedding Dress Skirt

I used McCalls M5006 for the base pattern and I had to alter it slightly to make it fit her.  For some reason the measurements that I took in the beginning didn’t match up with the patterns because I kept having to go in and add panels to make it so she could move.  In the end I ended up adding 1.5” to the underside of the sleeves, 2” in the side seams, and 1” up on the shoulder seams.  It is just so weird because I have never had to do that before.  I always add an extra inch while I’m cutting to make sure that I only have to take away fabric, not add more.

Summers Wedding Jacket

This was my first time really embroidering/hand sewing beads on anything.  Let me tell you, just for the little striping that is on this thing, it took me 8 hours to do.  I now understand why all of the pretty beaded fabric costs so much.

Beading Start

Later on I am also making handkerchiefs out of this dress and her mother-in-laws dress and embroidering them with little quotes.  Oh, and did I mention I GOT AN EMBROIDERY MACHINE!?!?!?!?!?!?? But anyway, there is more to come with that 😀

Have you ever hand beaded anything? Let me know!


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