Month Update!

This has been a very crazy month for me.  So now I am trying to catch up on all of my alterations and other projects. First up, prom season happened.  I had over 6 prom dresses that need alterations all within a week of each other.  If you want to see the dresses you can check out my Instagram. (SamsSignatureSeams) One girl wanted her whole dress re-vamped because she was “bored with it” and “didn’t know why she bought it in the first place.”  Another set of girls were from the wealthy side of town and had the most beautiful and very slimming dresses, but were nice people, but there is a confusing story behind that fitting…

Next up I had all of my finals and final projects all being due… which was fun… This made sewing completely go on the back burner.  I still have 2 alterations that need to get done because I am so backed up.  BUT ON THE PLUS SIDE………. I AM COMPLETELY DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!! THAT’S RIGHT!!! I’M A GRADUATED WOMAN NOW!!!!  I am still sticking around Macomb, Illinois as I wait for my boyfriend to graduate with his Masters in Business Administration, in December.  *only 6 more months of corn* Oh and do you like the clashing colors? Purple, Pink, and Red??

Graduation Photo

I really wish that I took more photos now… This is the only one I allowed them to take of me and my eyes are closed 😦

Right before graduation though, my parents divorce finally settled and they sold the house.  This wasn’t a surprise, don’t worry, I’m over it all by now.  This whole process started back 7 years ago.  But they finally sold the house so I had to pack up my whole room, dolls, and everything for them to put into storage at some point.  I really don’t have room in our (really nice) college apartment because it is only a 1 bedroom, bath, kitchen, and living where we are already overflowing and thinking of creative ways to store all of shit in there.


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