Dr. Who Clara Dress

Hello Everyone! This semester has been absolutely crazy! I have been so busy with all of my business classes! But I have been sewing like crazy this past week to make sure that all of the commissions and alterations that I have received, are finished before I graduate on May 16. This commission was for my friend Gabbie! This dress is based off of Clara from Doctor Who, she can be seen wearing this dress in several episodes.


This dress was pretty interesting to make because I combined two patterns that one normally wouldn’t combine. We picked out just a cotton fabric that best resembled the one shown above. For the sleeves and collar, we picked out a really soft knit material.

Photo Jan 18, 3 19 45 PMPhoto Jan 18, 3 22 22 PM

I used the Vogue pattern to make the neckline. I used the front and back of the shirt to make the yoke in the simplicity dress pattern. This allowed me to make the high collar. To make sure that it was a back zip dress; I have two buttons in the collar that allow the collar to come to a close, and not just flop around everywhere.

Photo Mar 31, 4 35 34 PM Photo Mar 31, 4 35 39 PM

The simplicity pattern originally has the dress as a side zip, but due to the change in neckline, it would be impossible for her head to get through. So I changed the zipper placement to the back.

Photo Apr 01, 4 35 00 PM

The dress really turned out well. I only had to have one fitting to make sure it was exactly how she wanted it.

Photo Apr 01, 4 34 03 PM

Photo Apr 01, 4 33 30 PM

I like the challenge in making clothing for other people, because then it is not just a cookie cutter pattern, it is fully and truly your own design.

Of course pockets!

Photo Apr 01, 4 33 48 PM

Is anyone else out there Doctor Who fans? My boyfriend and I have the Tardis’ Starry Night hanging above our TV. I also got him the 10th Doctors sonic screwdriver a couple Christmases ago.

Oh and here are my custom thank-you tags. Each customer gets one, no matter if they had just a small alteration, or a custom garment.

Photo Apr 01, 4 37 04 PM

Have you ever combined two patterns that were really different?

How did it turn out? Did you like it?



6 thoughts on “Dr. Who Clara Dress

  1. Thank you again for the amazing dress! It’s so beautiful, it fits extremely well, and it really matches up with the original!


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  4. I find it interesting how you combined two patterns, and moved the zipper. I’m not near skilled enough to do something like that. (Making a pet bed out of an old shirt is about the best of my abilities.)

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