Blue Belly Dancing Costume Commission!!

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in over a week, I have had more people needing alterations than ever before! I haven’t made anything for myself or my boyfriend recently, but here is a commission I made for my friend Kristen!

Photo Mar 05, 9 37 23 PM (1)

We got this really pretty blue chiffon from, the trim and fringe we bought off of I really wish that we had somewhere in this town to buy fabric, but sadly I currently live in the middle of nowhere.

We used these two patterns and combined them into one outfit. We used the skirt A and belt B from the first pattern, and we used the second pattern for top A.

Photo Jan 18, 3 32 36 PM

Photo Jan 18, 3 33 20 PM

I was really excited because my sewing labels came in on time with this costume! I cannot wait until my business really takes off. I have been really excelling in my small business management class, I’m even contemplating about going and getting my master in business administration focusing in management because of it. I can’t wait to put all of my ideas into a reality!!

Photo Mar 05, 9 36 28 PM

Below is the top of this garment. I had some problems with the sleeves, I have found that sleeves are now my weak point because I have been focusing on other weak areas to make them stronger. Now, sadly, I need to work on sleeves. BUT, other than that, this top is really cute!

Photo Mar 05, 9 36 59 PM (1)

Below is the skirt, it really was a simple thing to make. Just an elastic waist band and a slit in one side.

Photo Mar 05, 9 38 11 PM

Finally we have the belt. Kristen had bought her own coin belt, so this one will just go over that one. This belt required a lot of hand-sewing. We bought flower trim, which I cut out all the flowers and put them into a cute little pattern. Then I took extra sequins off of the trim and stitched them in the center of the newly-made flower appliques. The beaded fringe was easy to put on as well, you just needed to make sure that the beads didn’t get caught in the zipper foot.

Photo Mar 05, 9 37 23 PM (1)

I will post an update with Kristen in her full costume this next week!

Have you ever belly danced?

What is your favorite thing to hand-sew?



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