Lots of Alterations

Hello Everyone! Sorry I have not posted any new projects, but I promise I have over 4 going on currently! Recently I have had more people needing alterations and other tailoring needs. I have been up to my ears between that, and school exams that all decided to fall last week.


I have not forgotten about you or this blog! Like I said earlier, I have several projects going on. The first is a really cool knit dress, a belly dancing costume, a steampunked costume, a wedding jacket, and a custom assassins creed jacket. Oh and another belly dancing costume. Whew, lots of stuff!

I also have made myself an official website for my Professional Seamstress business, please check it out: http://samssignatureseams.weebly.com/

I have realized that this is a short post and that it has no pictures…. So here is a picture of a really cute puppy. Trey and I really want a German Sheppard when we leave college in December!


We really want a girl and for her to be either all black or all white. Do you guys have any pets?


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