Black and Red Swirl Knit Dress!

Hello! This dress pattern McCall’s 6700 has been on my mind a lot lately. I have used this pattern before for a summer dress, but you can’t really wear it any other time because of the fabric’s bold print. You can see it HERE.

Photo Feb 04, 11 31 05 PM (1)

As you can see, I ended up going back to just taking the pictures in my bathroom… I get better lighting in there.

The thing that I love about this dress pattern is the elastic waist band and the V neck top. What I hated about it the first time around was the deep V in the back as well. I also hated the length. Several of my Fraternity Sisters have these cute dresses with elastic waist lines and it fits perfectly above their knee. Yes, when I stop paying attention in meetings or classes, I stare at the clothes people are wearing and see how I can make it. I feel like I am not the only one that does this let me know if you do as well.


BUT anyway, I altered this pattern so that the back wasn’t so revealing. I also altered the length of the dress, and the armpit area so that it fit more comfortably. Next time I make this pattern, because I am already thinking of more ways to fix this pattern, is to make it a fuller skirt, a single front bodice instead of the two pieces, a single back bodice again. But this next time I will keep the length. I will also change the length of elastic for the waistband, it is too big on me for this dress.

Photo Feb 04, 11 30 28 PM

I though this was a cleaver way of taking a picture of my back.

I swear that by the time I am done with this stinking pattern it will be my own design. I honestly have no clue why am so drawn to this pattern after I just bought and printed out about 15 new patterns.

Photo Feb 04, 11 28 06 PM

I am looking into making actual fabric belts, and not just the tie kinds either. I think that it would look really well with this dress and several other dresses of mine. My belts are all getting really worn out and I am too lazy to buy them. Plus I really like the ones that I make better than the stores, unless it is a leather belt.

Photo Feb 04, 11 26 39 PM

This fabric that I used was actually supposed to be paired-up to a different pattern, but I changed my mind. I got this fabric from the discount section from Joann’s Fabrics. I got 2.5 plus what ever the remnant on it was and after this dress I still have about a yard left. I was surprised with how much was left. I was also surprised that this dress only took 2.5 hours to make. I swear that last time it took longer.

I really love the swirls of the fabric. I think that it looks really cute! What do you guys think about all the alterations for this dress?

Has anyone else just obsessed over a pattern and how to just completely change it to make it perfect? Or am I really the only one.


3 thoughts on “Black and Red Swirl Knit Dress!

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