New Patterns & Update!


Hello everyone! A lot has been happening in this past week. I have gotten new patterns, and my business is booming! First off I want to let you know about the new patterns that I have gotten! The vastness that the McCall’s company is, it just had a HUGE sale on all of their clearance and out-of-print patterns. McCalls’ owns Vogue patterns, Butterick patterns, Kwick Sew patterns, and McCall’s patterns.
Photo Jan 31, 1 31 53 AM Photo Jan 31, 1 33 23 AM

I had to get some patterns for Trey. I’m really excited for the two above!

Photo Jan 31, 1 34 11 AM

This pattern I will be trying later on tonight! We will see how it all turns out!

Photo Jan 31, 1 35 05 AM Photo Jan 31, 1 36 06 AM

I realized that I only really had one skirt and blazer pattern so I got some more!

Photo Jan 31, 1 36 58 AM Photo Jan 31, 1 38 40 AM

Lately I have had a problem with pants so I figured that I would just make them myself instead.

Photo Jan 31, 1 39 36 AM

Finally, a dress pattern because why not! What I didn’t realize about this pattern until I received it, was that it is for knits! This may just turn into my new favorite dress pattern.



I have been doing a lot of online free pattern shopping through others blogs and what not and have found some promising patterns. Again I have not had the chance to really try them out yet but here is the list of patterns that I printed out and will try in the near future. True, some of these are tutorials but it is worth a shot!

Photo Jan 31, 1 59 12 AM Photo Jan 31, 1 57 31 AM Photo Jan 31, 2 08 14 AM Photo Jan 31, 2 06 15 AM Photo Jan 31, 2 05 00 AM Photo Jan 31, 2 03 38 AM Photo Jan 31, 2 02 45 AM Photo Jan 31, 2 01 33 AM

Have any of you tried these out?! If so let me know!


LASTLY!! I said earlier that my business is booming! I am taking a small business management class and am really learning a lot! 😀 I have finished my small business plan, and little things along the way that I can start to implement now to make sure that my clients are happy with their specialized or tailored clothing. Some of the things include my business cards, branding, and thank-you cards, OHH AND CLOTHING TAGS!

So far just this week, I have added 5 new clients who were referred to me through people in my classes! I really didn’t think that people in class actually listened to you when you talked. But I am really happy!

You can check out some of the branding and advertising action at my facebook page:

How has your weeks been??

Have you tried any of the patterns pictured above?

If so please let me know how they turned out, or give me a link to go see your work!


7 thoughts on “New Patterns & Update!

  1. Both of the ones I did turned out really well. I think there was another one too by Skinny Bitch, Curvy Chick (seriously!) that I did up. They had a free Tee shirt that I did. If the square that is on the downloaded pattern is the size it is supposed to be then you should be fine. Then it is just match the letters and lines. I talked about these 3 free patterns on my blog, if you want to look. It looks a mess to tape the pattern pieces up, just be patient and have lots of room!

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