I’ve Finally Made it – My Saloon Girl Costume!

I have finally gotten to making my costume that will now be for next Halloween. I bought all of the fabric and notions back in July. This costume took me about a week to make due to school starting back up. This costume was a lot of fun to make!


This is just the front of the costume.

The pattern I used was Simplicity’s 2581, pattern view B. I had my eye on this patter for the longest time. What appealed most about this costume is that its not just like every other “college costume.” This pattern has some class. I’m really happy how everything turned out.


I bought everything from Joann’s Fabrics. Instead of just one layer of fabric for the corset, I used a combination of black satin and this black lace. For the skirt I used just a royal blue satin. I really wanted to find the teal in the pattern photo, but I decided to settle. It still is cute though!

Photo Jan 22, 3 07 23 PM

When I added the boning the pattern said to cut the edges. However, the boning was threatening to rip my fabric when I inserted it into its casing. To prevent a major headache, I filed down the plastic boning before I slid it into the slot. The end look was very professional so I thought it was a cleaver idea. Have you ever done that with your projects?

Photo Jan 21, 10 43 52 PM

Below is just a compilation of the final product. I tried experimenting with my photography and Photoshop skills to get a higher quality photo. Below is the best of the better pictures that came out.


I have never made piping before so it was really fun! It is actually easier to make than your own bias tape. I also had to french seam a lot of the skirt bustle sections.


I would have to say that the one thing that I am unhappy with about this garment is that I thought the bustle would look more… well… puffier. Maybe I’ll fix it one day. Actually, I just figured out what I needed to do 😦 I needed to add another ribbon along the bottom of the upper puff. That extra tie would fix that problem! UGH! Okay, well, that will get fixed one day.


I have no idea what filter I used to make the skirt look teal, but I like it!!

My favorite part to sew onto this costume was all of the fringe! There are three kinds, can you find them all?!?


I think that the apron skirt looks better when I wear it compared to the manikin, just because I have legs.


Have you ever made a costume the just took forever?

Let me know what you think of this costume!


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