Captain Hook Costume!

Hello Everyone! This Captain Hook costume was made for my friend, who is the coach for a high school competitive dance team. Her theme this year is Peter Pan and she needed some costumes to go with the vintage theme. This Captain Hook Costume goes with the Peter Pan Costume from earlier.


Here is the full version of this cool vest jacket. It just looks like something a Captain would wear!


This brocade fabric was bought at I love using brocade fabrics, they are all just really pretty and easy to work with!


The pattern I used was the “B” version of Butterick’s 4929. I have used this pattern before to make a tail coat vest. I sewed this just after I finished Peter Pan’s costume so it was a very easy pattern to maneuver.


Don’t worry the hem is even, it just didn’t want to lay properly for the photo.

I did alter the pattern by not adding lining or sleeves. I also changed the hem line to give it more of a high-low look.


You cant have a Captain Hook costume with-out a hook! To hide the hook itself we decided to add sleeves. For the sleeves I just cut out some fabric and threw in some elastic. The hook is connected to the sleeve itself just in-case if she accidentally let go. *Side Note* I don’t know much about dance team rules, but if a part of you costume or props fall off then you lose points. I really didn’t even want the chance of that, so I added elastic that runs from the end of the hook fabric to the sleeve itself.

Have you made a Captain Hook Costume before? Let me know!

Happy Crafting!!!

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